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     Hello! My name is Diane Mitchell. I am the proverbial "Jack of all Trades", though I prefer to shun the whole "Master of none" business. I am an actor, singer, songwriter, house-styler, brainstormer, pinterest-pinner, advise-slinger, makeup-connoisseur, writer, artist, hair-crazy, cook, people-loving, picture-taking, power tool-enjoying, scrapbooking, book-reading, traveling, family-loving, as-busy-as-you-are, renno-geek with a passion for living joyfully... and wine, I'm passionate about wine. I like to think of it as being a Life Artist. I love to try all kinds of new things, pursue the things I am awesome at, and conveniently ignore all the things that prove I can't actually do everything! So, basically, I'm you!!
​     For a WHOLE lot of years, I have enjoyed being the wife and life partner to a man who makes it all look easy. We've been inseparable since our teens and are busy planning our dotage together. I have 2 fantastic kids, lovingly referred to as the Jawas, that are so awesome, I kind of think I'm Super Woman. For five beautiful years I enjoyed a thriving career on stage. (Hence the theater page;) And although that is not a part of my already-packed-schedule at this time, I hope that it will be again in the future. My current focus is on renovating my house. I've remodeled multiple homes, but this one takes the cake... mmm, cake, I should make cake! We call it the Castle although it is more like the Money Pit, I love it.
This little space is for me to be me and a chance to get to know you, I am passionate about making people feel good about themselves, their life, and their future! Enjoy the posts and pics, send me your stories and thoughts. Have a beautiful day!
Per omnia secula seculorum
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