Diane R Mitchell
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     Hello! My name is Diane R Mitchell. I am an actor, singer, and songwriter by nature. Having worked around the Atlanta area for years, it has been my privilege to enjoy many of our prominent Theaters, directors, and artists at their finest. There is no greater pleasure than diving into a project, immersing myself in the director's creative genius and sharing unparalleled experiences with fellow artists. From the audition call to the curtain call, life is my stage and I thrive on every moment, every experience!
​     My goal as an artist is to capture the imagination of my audience, allowing them to glimpse a creative side of themselves, consequently expanding their horizons and fulfilling some of their dreams. As one can never be sure what choice or element will inspire another being, every moment on stage is an opportunity, a tangible connection to the many contributors of one vision. We are all searching for that moment of discovery that may peak the chimera of the next leader, challenge the ingenuity of an untested inventor, or awaken the sleeping verve in the mind of a child with great dreams​. I hope to be one of many who comprise the Voice that is Atlanta theatre, to sing out a song that goes straight to the heart.
Per omnia secula seculorum.
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